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If I'm looking to buy a car, why should I choose a Lexus?

Lexus is a much about state-of-the-art engineering, power, performance and technology, as we are about market leading craftsmanship and ensuring that drivers experience the ultimate in luxury. Our Lexus Select Approved Pre-Owned network are dedicated to providing consumers with a premium level of customer care, enhancing the car buying experience with Lexus.

Do Lexus used cars have a good reputation?

Lexus Select Approved used cars have a reputation for safety and service, winning many awards for quality and reliability. Our range of premium saloons, coupes, convertibles and SUVs has attracted loyal ownership. From the JD Power Survey, both "What Car" and "This Is Money" list Lexus in the top two car manufacturers with the best customer care ratings.

Can a used Lexus be traded in for a newer used Lexus?

Like with any car trade-in, the value will depend on factors such as the age of the car, mileage and it's condition. However, there are some steps that can be taken to help establish the value of the used Lexus cars to be traded in. By entering the car details into any of the popular car valuation websites, found in search engines, quite an accurate current valuation can be obtained. You can also use our Value Your Car function to assist in providing a guideline budget for your next Select Approved used Lexus purchase.

What is the price of a used Lexus?

Used Lexus car prices will naturally vary depending on the model range and model. A good rule of thumb would be to establish what are the most influencing factors for buying a used Lexus such as which body style you prefer (e.g. Hatchback, Saloon), the available budget, or a car's economy. Whichever factor is most important, in the very first instance you should use our Select Approved Used Vehicle Locator, select your options, see what vehicle meet your criteria and contact the relevant dealer for more information, or to book a visit and test drive.

Would I be better buying a new Lexus instead of a used one?

If your budget allows you to purchase either a new or used Lexus, your question should probably be, "what features and benefits will I get for my money if I buy a new or used Lexus?" Your budget would most likely afford you a nearly new Lexus, which may well have all of the features you want and at a price that suits, or your budget may afford you a new Lexus with a longer warranty, no wear-and-tear and additional benefits that come with buying a new car. Allow yourself some time, visit your local Lexus dealership and talk through your options. As reported in "What Car" and "This Is Money", Lexus customer care is second to none and our aim is to bring you to the best decision for you.

What is the best used Lexus?

This depends on your lifestyle. Only you can know whether your preference requires a car that accommodate a busy family lifestyle, or is sporty and turns heads. Browse the Lexus Select Approved Used locator to familiarise yourself with the broad choice and range available. Visit a Lexus dealership and talk through what your ideal preferences are for your next Lexus car. Irrespective of which car you chose, all of our Select approved used and nearly new Lexus vehicles are supplied complete with a minimum of one year's manufacturer's equivalent warranty with unlimited mileage cover.

What warranties come with used Lexus cars?

The Lexus Warranty is designed to give the reassurance that you would expect when buying a Select Approved Pre-Owned Lexus. All Select Approved Pre-Owned Lexus vehicles are supplied complete with a minimum of one year's manufacturer's equivalent warranty with unlimited mileage cover. All vehicles with less than a full year of manufacturer's warranty remaining will require a Mandatory Warranty to be applied for. Vehicles under 60,000 miles and with a full year of manufacturer's warranty remaining do not require a Mandatory Warranty to be applied.

Where can I buy a select approved used Lexus?

In the first instance you can used our Select Approved Used Vehicle Locator , which presents all of the Select Approved used Lexus for sale nationally. You can view multiple images, full specification, and enquire online, even (where available) submit a bid on the car.

How much can I expect to pay for a Lexus hybrid car?

It is estimated that Hybrid cars save on average around £2,000 in fuel costs per year. The used car market displays more competitive prices for used Lexus hybrid cars and you for instance can expect similar prices for a 2011 Lexus CT200h 1.8 as you would for a Audi A3 1.8.

How are hybrid cars different from regular cars?

Full hybrid cars can be powered by just the electric motor, the combustion engine or by both. Normally, when starting and driving at low speeds, the car is silently powered by the electric motor only - no CO2 emissions are produced and no fuel used. The combustion engine seamlessly takes over at higher speeds and, when needed the electric motor provides extra power (when accelerating, for example). Lexus cars employ a fully hybrid system that intelligently selects the most appropriate power source and captures much more energy through regenerative braking to charge the battery, which powers the one or more powerful electric motors in the car.

Please disregard the mileage unless it is verified by an independent mileage search. A mileage investigation will be carried out by your chosen Centre or Lexus UK if offered via Direct.
Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information above. However errors may occur. Check with your local Centre or Lexus UK about items that may affect your decision to purchase.
Lexus UK vehicles can be sourced through your local Centre.

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